May 25, 2017


Early last fall, the community had an opportunity to provide input on Riverview’s school mascot. Through this process, the choices were narrowed to hawks and ospreys. The Riverview Steering Committee decided to give the final choice to students.

Over the last several months, Riverview students had the opportunity to learn about hawks and ospreys from ACES staff, and then cast a final vote. Students from across the Valley cast their votes in special ballot boxes designed by students from Sopris Elementary School. At the first ever Riverview family barbecue held last week, the results of the vote were announced: Riverview is officially the Ospreys! To help celebrate this news, representatives from the Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation attended the event and presented facts about the osprey.

The barbecue was well attended by nearly 300 people. This event was made possible by ample community support. The Riverview Parent, Community and Teacher committee planned for months, organized sponsors, and fundraised to make it such a special event. The Kiwanis Club donated their grill and manpower to cook, while Shamrock Foods, Nieslanik Beef  and Crystal River Meats donated the meat for the event.

Riverview Principal Adam Volek reflects on the event, “The barbecue really demonstrated what can happen when a community pulls together. Our Riverview students had their first opportunity to see their new classmates and participate in a celebration as one big family. This was truly a special event for the Roaring Fork Valley.”

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