June 7, 2017


The Roaring Fork Schools is incredibly grateful that the voters supported a bond to fund major building improvements across the district. We are committed to being good stewards of your taxpayer dollars, minimizing the impacts of construction, and being transparent about the construction process. We want you to know what we are doing to meet these commitments.

In anticipation of increased competition for construction (and thus increased cost), the school district set an ambitious timeline for construction so that the bulk of construction would be completed before the foreseeable spike in competition and cost. By working hard and fast, the district is able to get more for less and be a good steward of your tax dollars.

This ambitious timeline means that construction occurs year-round. This year has already been a flurry of planning, designing, and construction. To limit the impact of increasing costs, construction schedules were accelerated.  This resulted in construction occurring in many buildings during the school year and a ramp up over the summer. The good news is that though students, parents, staff, and community members may experience the occasional disruption or inconvenience from the construction or restricted access, the work will be finished faster than most large-scale projects.

Several of our schools and sites will be under construction and will not be accessible this summer. Some construction will continue into the school year. While the bulk of construction is set to wrap up next fall, Glenwood Springs Elementary School will not be complete until February 2018.


School Specific Construction Impacts

There will be no building or site access for Basalt Elementary School this summer, and the site work will continue into the fall. Additionally, the traffic and parking site between Basalt Middle and Basalt Elementary Schools will undergo an overhaul this summer to alleviate congestion at drop off times for parents and students.

There will be no building or site access for Basalt Middle School this summer, and site work will continue into the fall. The “bungalows” will be used as classrooms until the new classroom addition finishes at the end of October. All other areas under construction are expected to be finished prior to the start of school.

There will be no building or site access for Basalt High School this summer. Band and choir will be held in the auxiliary gym through end of September. Construction to the kitchen and core is scheduled for completion in late August.

Construction on Bridges High School will ramp up this summer, but is expected to be open by the start of the school year.

Site work at Carbondale Middle School will continue through fall semester, but all interior spaces will be completed the start of the school year.

There will be no summer access to the Sopris Elementary School playground and otherwise limited site access. The site work and new early childhood education classrooms are expected to be completed by the start of the school year.

There will be a staggered opening of Riverview School’s classrooms this fall. The south wing will be open when school starts, but the north wing will not open until the end of September. During this time, students will be in temporary classrooms.

The Glenwood Springs Elementary School renovation and addition project is the district’s biggest project. This year, school has been held in the old main building and temporary modular classroom while the new academic wing is being constructed. Over the summer, the new wing will be completed, and work will begin on the renovation of the old main building.

Next year, GSES students are expected to be in the new academic wing and some modular classrooms. During construction, students will walk two blocks for playground access.  The new cafe and kitchen will be under construction through next spring during which food services will utilize satellite operations out of the media center.

Site work will continue at Glenwood Springs Middle School through fall semester. All interior spaces are expected to be completed by the start of the school year.

The Glenwood Springs Transportation Center will start the school year with ongoing site work to complete the landscaping, asphalt, and sidewalks.

Please contact your school for further information about the planned construction this summer and fall. The Roaring Fork Schools thanks you for your support and patience during the final months of construction. We are excited to be able to utilize and make available the improved school spaces for our community!  

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