May 31, 2017


Earlier this month, the Roaring Fork Schools was excited to learn about two nominations for the Bobby G Awards, a regional high school musical theater awards program. McKinley Mueller, a senior, was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of Grandma Addams, and Kate McRaith, the musical’s director, was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Direction.

Last week, it was announced that Mueller won the Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role award! Upon receiving the award, Mueller said, "I am so surprised and so honored to have received this award! Thank you, thank  you, thank you to my family, Guv (Ms. McRaith), and everyone who supported me."

The Bobby Gs are essentially the Tony’s for high school musical theater programs in Colorado, and so both McRaith’s nomination and Mueller’s award are incredible honors.

“I am so grateful to work with such a talented cast and such a supportive community. I am very proud of the program we have grown over the years and delighted to see us reach a level of quality that is up there with the best in the state,” McRaith remarks.

Professional theater artists and educators tour the state from September to April watching and evaluating high school musical productions. Participating schools receive a copy of these evaluation forms to provide constructive suggestions to motivate growth as well as recognize areas of strength and success. In addition, scores in these categories may qualify schools for a much coveted Bobby G Award nomination.

The entire awards program culminated in a ceremony modeled after Broadway’s Tony Awards recognizing outstanding achievements in all areas of production with Bobby G Awards at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House last Thursday, May 25. This ceremony included performances from the shows nominated for Outstanding Overall Production, as well as a medley from the nominees for Outstanding Performance by an Actress and Actor in a Leading Role.



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