June 7, 2017


The Grand Avenue Bridge closure and detour starting mid-August through late November will cause significant traffic delays in Glenwood Springs and beyond. The detour will affect parents, students, and staff, which is why we are working with community partners to develop a plan and accommodations to help manage travel during the detour.

To allow parents flexibility with their travel times, we have been working with both local and out-of-town child care providers to ensure that there will be options for early drop-off (starting as early as 6:30am in Glenwood, and 7:00am in Carbondale and Basalt) and late pick-up (extending to 5:00pm or later) at all of our schools. This programming will be available to elementary and even middle school students.

Some programs will require a fee, but we are committed to ensuring that there are affordable options for all families. We are delighted to continue working with local providers, but in order to offer low-cost and no-cost options to our families, we are also welcoming a national provider who will work in partnership with schools and local organizations.

In addition to offering early and late drop off options, here are a few other things we’re doing to help minimize our traffic impact:

  • Delaying the start of school by two weeks;
  • Altering bus routes to avoid construction, maximize efficiency, and allow students to arrive to school on time;
  • Encouraging creative school-level solutions to reduce traffic and travel;
  • Carefully planning field trips and sports activities during the detour to minimize impact;
  • Creating supervised walking routes in some Glenwood areas; and
  • Minimizing staff travel for meetings and professional development.

We hope that parents are developing a plan to get their students to school on time each day. The best option may be the school bus. Extended hours at all schools may help parents who plan to drive. We will share more information about extended hours via email this summer (to add your email to the list, click here) and via backpack mail at the start of the school year. Sign-ups will begin over the summer and will extend through the start of the school year.

Programming opportunities for summer and before/after school are posted on the Roaring Fork Schools’ website here. Providers who want to share their program information can contact Angie Davlyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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