December 21, 2017 


“We started the planning process early to ensure we could have a good process and get feedback from stakeholders,” said superintendent Rob Stein. “The school calendar impacts a lot of people--obviously our students, staff, and families, but it can also impact community members, partners, and even local employers.”

On Wednesday, December 20, the district sent out the first of two public surveys through its parent and community newsletter. Everyone is invited to provide feedback through this survey, which is available in both English and Spanish

The feedback gathered through this process from staff, students, parents, and community members will be considered by the calendar committee as they develop different calendar versions to be reviewed. The committee is comprised of teachers and administrators from all school communities and parent representatives. In February, specific calendar versions will be shared publicly for additional feedback before a final recommendation is presented to the board for approval.

“We want to make sure we design our school calendar to best support our students,” Stein said. “And that means we are exploring new calendar frameworks and ideas along with our traditional interests and schedules. Specifically, we want to examine and get feedback on an extended year calendar and a later daily start for teenagers. There is a lot of research that supports both models. Of course, we need to weigh that against logistical considerations and our stakeholders’ interests.”

The Roaring Fork Schools plan to present a final calendar recommendation to the Board of Education for approval in March and publish the finalized school calendars through 2020 in April 2018.


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