January 31, 2018

The Roaring Fork Schools’ graduation rate continued to exceed the state in 2017. The graduation rates for 2017 were released by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) earlier this month, showing that the Roaring Fork Schools’ graduation rate of 86% is 7% higher than the statewide graduation rate. The data shows that the district’s major subgroups of students--white, Hispanic, male, and female--are graduating at higher rates than their statewide peers.

“We have a lot to celebrate with this data. Graduation rates are some of the most powerful indicators of our success as a school district, especially when factoring demographic subgroups,” said Roaring Fork Schools Superintendent Rob Stein. “This data shows that we're doing something right: making our schools places where kids want to be and following up when there are attendance problems. ”

CDE also released dropout rates for 2017. The Roaring Fork Schools are on par with the state at a 2.3% dropout rate--a positive trend from the district’s 2.7% dropout rate in 2016.

Stein cautions about putting too much stock in the dropout rate.

“The dropout rate varies greatly year to year. A dropout who comes back is then included in the graduation numbers, making our graduation rate the better measure of how well we're succeeding,” Stein said. “I also wonder if fluctuations in the dropout rate might be due to factors such as immigration enforcement. We should be careful about not reading too much into what might be slight fluctuation in very small numbers.”



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